The feasts of Valdobbiadene, a joyful wine city where Prosecco reigns, are celebrated every year in September at the end of the grape harvest, when this ancient “ritual” is repeated and perpetuated in the name of wine-making as well as the local landscape, economy and cuisine.
Numerous cultural activities are promoted by the Prosecco territory to spread knowledge, teach and prompt awareness of its truly ancient grape growing and wine making tradition. Nowadays this tradition is launched towards new markets throughout the world, where the bubbles that release intense aromas of fresh fruit and pleasant hints of yeast and freshly baked bread are highly esteemed.

The incomparable beauty of its architecture and landscape has placed the Veneto among the Italian regions most represented in the UNESCO list of human heritage sites.

Venice and its Lagoon are masterpieces of human accomplishment: for architectural and technological development, monumental art and unique urban planning. Venice is testimony to a civilisation entwined with events and traditions, ideas, beliefs and artistic and literary works of exceptional universal value.

The Padua Botanical Garden was the forebear of all the botanical gardens in the world, where relationships between nature and culture originated.  Thanks to this garden, since the 16th century the study of botany, medicine, chemistry, ecology and pharmacy have surged ahead.

The city of Vicenza and its surrounding villas express the work of Andrea Palladio, founded on his in-depth study of classical Roman architecture.  Because of its unique style, his work was the turning point for the architecture that later inspired all the large buildings in Europe and Northern America.

The urban structure and architecture of the city of Verona are a splendid example of a city that developed progressively and uninterruptedly over two thousand years.  It is an exceptional example of a city that was fortified at different times in the history of Europe.

The Dolomite landscape is considered one of the most spectacular in the world.  It boasts 18 peaks soaring to ove  3,000 metres, big walls, steep cliffs, long valleys, isolated peaks, pinnacles, rocky slopes, glaciers and karst systems, all formed by extreme geological processes.

Valdobbiadene is well established in this historic-cultural context where every site is easily reached in just a few hours.  Surrounded by the enchanting vine-covered hills, the town itself contributes to the thrill of the landscape, which is perpetuated by the aromas and fascinating bubbles released from a glass of the typical local wine.

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