Valdobbiadene Docg Mildose

Grape Varietal: Glera Vineyards in S. Pietro di Barbozza
Rootstock: 420/A
Rearing method: Sylvoz
Grape harvest: 25-30 September
Wina making process: Traditional in-white at controlled temperature
Wine-making method:  Fast Charmat according to the disciplinar

Organoleptic characteristics:
Colour: Straw yellow
Perlage: Fine and persistent
Bouquet: Intense and elegant with a characteristic bouquet of flowers
Flavour:  Round and well balanced

Analitical data
Alcohol: 11% vol.
Total acidity: 5,5 gr./lt.
Residual sugar: 22 gr/lt.

Gastronomic combinations: At the end of the meal with dessert or fresh fruit

Serving temperature: 7-8 °C in flute glass


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